Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

This bespoke offer to potential client can allow for translations. If the client decides during the design stage to make changes, these changes with have to be reviewed and potentially additional price submitted, of course prices submitted prior to any work being started.

getsix® Design will treat potential client websites as a separate piece of work to anything else getsix® Design might be working on for potential client. Thus, 50% of the final price for potential client websites is due prior to starting the work, with remaining 50% of the final price due after your acceptance that the potential client website has been completed, and before the website is made public and goes ‘live’.

Once we have approval of our work getsix® Design will expect payment within 14 days from the approval date. If during the process there is a delay from the client side, for whatever reason, then getsix® Design are allowed to invoice for the work carried out to that date, with the balance becoming due once work starts again (work to start within 2 weeks when it was stopped) and approval given.

Potential client has 5 working days to advise of any amends after the first draft of website has been sent for approval. In the case of no response within the specified period set out by a schedule, the website will be considered to be accepted and approved.

During the amends process we have only allocated 20 hours maximum after first draft has been sent to you.

If at any stage the potential client website is cancelled, the 50% up-front fee will be considered forfeit and retained by getsix® Design for services rendered and client will be provided with potential client website up to that point. If the work is cancelled and the costs to getsix® Design are more than the original 50% up-front fee paid, then getsix® Design is allowed to invoice further the additional costs over and above this original payment.

getsix® Design would treat ‘each’ language offering of your website to be a separate piece of work, as the English version has to be created and signed off, prior to starting other potential languages. Thus, 50% of final price of ‘each’ language prior to starting the work, with remaining 50% of the final price for ‘each’ language due after your acceptance that the website has been completed and can go live.

‘Retainer’ fee/s, would be paid in a one-off payment prior to first month of maintenance. This can only start once getsix® has received, in writing, approval of your website/s. The ‘Retainer’ fee/s will assume a rolling contract each year, unless cancelled in writing one calendar month prior to the end of that existing years ‘Retainer’ contract.

Translation costs carry no additional profit for getsix®, they are at cost price to keep costs down. ’Retainer’ monthly translation costs are only applied if content is actually supplied. The actual ‘Retainer’ website maintenance fee/s is charged within the yearly contract, if content is supplied or not.

If ‘Retainer’ maintenance supplied is more than 2 hours, you will be notified within 48 hours. If more than 2 hours you have the option to use some of the following months 2 hours, or accept the additional fee 40 euro per hour. Such extra fee should be paid with 14 days of completion, and before the next month’s maintenance.